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One thing is very clear tourist like to shop! Most economies depend on tourist dollars for their economy and Gambia is no different. Travel and tourism is one of the countries top earning and employment sectors which accounts for 22% of GDP of this small country. The fashion industry fits perfectly in the tourism economy  and it is a major employer for many Gambians so it was very important for me to share this industry on my show not just in Gambia but all the places I travel around the world. In season 2 episode 122019 I speak to 2 designers that presented at Gambia's biggest fashion event Fashion Weekend Gambia. This event is the premier event where designers flock from neighboring african countries, europe, canada and the united states to present their luxurious brands to large fashion enthusiastic crowds. My first guest is not only a talented luxury handbag designer she is also one of the coordinators of Fashion Weekend Gambia. Adi Conteh is the Creative Director of Daraja Boutique a luxurious handbag company that features unique one of a kind designs. We talk all about her unique brand and what to expect from her brand in the future. 

Photo taken at the Fashion Weekend Gambia 2018

Also on this episode I spoke to the young and talented 
Lisa Sawaneh CEO of Lizmond Glamour. 
She made her inaugural appearance on the Fashion Weekend Gambia 2018 stage this past December. Her line is young, fresh and distinctly african lux.  I talk to this young designer about her brand and her experience on the big stage of FWG

Photo by Mamos Photography 

Photo by Mamos Photography 

Photo by Mamos Photography 

Photo by Mamos Photography 

I concluded this episode with the multi-talented Mariama Colley who is a radio personality, gender right activist, stage and film actress with the passion of utilizing her platforms to effect change within her community. I had the pleasure of meeting Mariama while I was on my PR tour for The Desperately Seeking Travel Show in Gambia July 2018 on her very popular afternoon radio show on The Chill Zone. 

I have a big passion for the performing arts so we talk about the state of the performing arts in Gambia and how she is making a name for herself in the acting community. With her 2013 nomination for the Africa Movie Academy Awards for her performance in the film "Hand of FateDirected by Ibrahim Ceesay I wanted to know what are her future plans on the big screen in Gambia and beyond. 

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