Avoiding the Backway

11:44 AM

As I began to interview many people in Gambia the organization Youths Against Irregular Migration came up many times so I wanted to learn exactly what this organization was all about. I was referred to its co founder Mustapha Sallah who had taken the dangerous backway path himself so I knew I not only needed to feature his organization on my program but dedicate the entire hour to this very important subject. In Ep 4-6 our conversation touched on the root cause of so many youths in Gambia to risk their lives in search of a better life in Europe and the deadly realities of that journey. 

What is the root cause of the backway epidemic? Many factors are to blame but one of the main ones being the lack of adequate employment opportunities for the Gambian youth. With lack of employment and education some feel thier only option to feed their families is to flee the country and go on the deadly path to europe thru Libya. Many endured enslavement, beating, rape, starvation and death. For the ones that survived the tortuous journey to Libya they still faced the even more deadly task of reaching europe by unsafe rubber dinghies through the rough seas of the mediterranean. 

For more information or if you would like to help this cause please contact Mustapha Sallah Secretary General of YAIM via Facebook

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  1. Thank you Nicole for your support. We appreciate all the efforts you putting to make sure our voices are and our efforts are seen..

  2. Thanda Island creative talent and of course the biggest Gambian Designers at their very best. Our audience can expect the unexpected.


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