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While exploring options for my Destination Spotlight on Gambia I knew I had to include visual and performing arts. Im a huge fan of the arts so in Episode 4-7 I sat down to have a conversation with Mr. Sheikh Omar Jallow with Nation Centre for Arts and Culture we discussed what is the plan to grow the importance of the arts in Gambia. The NCAC covers all arts in Gambia including the film, fine arts, theater, festivals, literature, music, dance fashion and beauty. They also are in charge of the National Museum of Gambia .

Touring the National Museum of Gambia 

Learning about local instruments such as the Kora 

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As I research the arts in Gambia it took me to the Gambian Diaspora in Europe where Jallow Black and Pap Sohna are making big names for themselves. I first had a conversation with Jallow Black a documentary producer with a niche for the black experience. This award winning documentary maker discussed the obstacles inspiring filmmakers face in the Gambia and how the industry is not fairly compensating artist for their work. 

Pap Sohna  and I talked all about his widely popular Youtube series Li Si Keur Gui and what his plans are for future projects. Sohna is hoping the opportunity will soon come to produce television series on Gambian networks in the future. 

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