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Spotlight Gambia Ep 4-5
People tend to use the the acronym G.O.A.T loosely when paying respect to whom they feel deserves this title but in Gambia the undisputed Greatest Of All Time is St Da Gambian Dream. His ability to constantly break his own records in the Gambian Rap scene is unmatched. I had the opportunity to have a conversation with this talented artist in Wax Media Studios during my visit in Gambia last July and I can honestly say he is the real deal. His unique rap style infusioning local language and native instrumentals with a touch of english slang gives the listener a strong sense of cultural pride in his music. The respect and admiration given to him is prevalent on every social media post I viewed and I can see he is the golden boy of the smiling coast.
July 2018 Interview at Wax Media Studios

Not only is St selling out stadiums in The Gambia he is also dominating the Wah Sa Halat Music awards with multiple wins including the prestigious Artist of the Year Award January 26, 2019.

With the launching of his Community Development Foundation which lists its goals to promote community empowerment and livelihood improvement in supporting health care, education, environment, artist welfare and civic engagement St Da Gambian Dream is positioning himself as a true role model the Gambian youth will strive to be.

In keeping with the theme of West African music I sat down and had a conversation with the popular dance hall master DiJay Don Clichy on the veranda of Badinbung Guest House  in Kololi. 
The reggae influence is quite prevalent in Gambia so Don Clichy has a large audience including tourist. You can find Clitchy's legendary mixes weekly on Q Radio in Gambia and on Talk Black Radio. 

Also on this episode I spotlighted a tranquil restaurant named Yosh. I spoke with the general manager Astrid Manneh about why she chose to open a restaurant in Gambia and what the future plans are for this awesome romantic restaurant tucked. 

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