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 This episode was named "Celebration" because it fell on my 49th birthday. I thought it was the best way to acknowledge my special day. I also knew I wanted to celebrate everything I love on my birthday one being The Desperately Seeking Travel Show guests. I wish I could have chosen all of them however I chose the ones I felt epitomized what I want to convey with my show. Learning about culture! Culture anywhere you land on this planet if a gift. Let's first start off with part 2 of Fashion Weekend Gambia I interviewed Adi Conteh the coordinator of Fashion Weekend Gambia. Adi is not just a vital part of the coordination of the largest fashion event in The Gambia she is also a luxury handbag designer of the brand Daraja

Fashion Weekend Gambia 

Since Gambia is my favorite place I knew I wanted to keep with the theme for my birthday episode so I included film producer Jallow Black of the award winning film Seeking A Better Life

It could not be a birthday celebration without music so I featured interviews and music from Gambia's biggest artists like ST da Gambian Dream I sat down with St while I recorded my "Spotlight Gambia" series this summer. He is the biggest artist in Gambia selling out concerts and is the consecutive winner of the Artist of The Year award from the WMA Awards I had another Gambia group on my birthday show

The Kings of Gambia the Nobles  which just so happened to also be WMA winners this year winning the Music Video of The Year! This very talented men also sat down with me this July to talk more about their music.

I had to add my this amazing artist because I saw his band live and I didn't stop dancing once! His smooth voice and energetic performance will have you completely in love with Gambian music! Alieu Badara the head singer of The Humanity Starz 

I also featured music from the beautiful Lena B 

                                                              T Smallz

Special thanks to all that gave me countless messages like Danny Constant which he graciously had me on his radio show while I was in Gambia. 

Words can't express how blessed I am to make it another year but looking at all the amazing things I have accomplished since launching my show 9 months ago I would say that I'm looking forward to many more years of doing The Desperately Seeking Travel Show! 

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