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As i travel the world one constant activity i can always depend on is me searching out the fashion trends of a local area. I stop in tiny boutiques, high end stores, local street vendors, custom tailors and resale shops all in search of the perfect item for my souvenir of that city. On this week's episode of Desperately Seeking Travel Show on Talk Black Radio I interview a fashion designer I met while walking the streets of Paris this summer Olivia Kakule and we discussed her brand Kimya Paris.

Also I spoke with the Co Founder of Fashion Weekend Gambia Photographer Lena Niam about how FWG became the biggest fashion event in The Gambia.

Last my interview with Mya Maroun the owner of the very popular restaurant Reo's Bar and Restaurant in The Gambia. We talk all about her future plans for this very busy Senegambia area restaurant.

 Don't forget we start every show with a Motivational Moment with author Alexia Lewis.

The full show episode link is available below
Episode 92019 Travel and Fashion

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