Birthday In Paradise

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As i approach my next birthday this morning I thought I would revisit one of my favorite birthday trips Costa Rica! This trip was unique because I wanted to choose an eco friendly style lodging in a secluded place so I chose Tres Palmas. Tres Palmas is located in Playa Matapalo de Osa, Costa Rica. If you want to disappear in the rain forest while overlooking the Pacific Ocean this is the perfect location for you.  9 beautiful women came on this trip with me to celebrate and although some was taken aback by the sheer up closeness with natural all completely left their with a new adventure of being secluded in the rainforest of Costa Rica. 

I'm taking in the majestic beauty of Tres Palmas

The property comes with staff that cook and clean everyday while your relax in paradise. 

The Howler monkeys are just a stone throws away for all you animal enthusiast. 

This 15 acre property is lush and green. Tranquility at its best!

Spending 2017 in Costa Rica for my birthday was one of the best experiences traveling I have ever had. Me and 9 of my closest friends disappeared in the rain forest enjoying the beauty and the peace of nature. 

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