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I'm starting my blog post in the middle of my 5 country trip this past summer for many reasons. The main is Gambia it's the home of my best friend, soulmate and future husband. I spent 2 weeks in The Gambia and in my normal fashion I wasn't like any normal tourist. I immersed myself in everything that was Gambian. Before we get to the good part lets do some preparations for a trip to West Africa. The CDC recommends multiple shots especially if your going to be exploring the local villages like I did. I do highly recommend getting an antibiotic prescription to bring with you just in case of getting really sick while in West Africa. Anti Malaria medicine is an absolute must! Don't forget to pack all your medicines, ointments, and bug spray as well. Now that we are all packed now we can head to Gambia.

My 1:00 am arrival in Senegal with my amazing husband there to greet me. 

My trip actually started in Senegal where my flight landed. My fiance and his friend drove from Gambia to pick me up for a road trip back to Gambia. I can't tell you much about this day because I was on cloud nine seeing my man!

We took the roughly 165 mile journey to Gambia over night so I wasn't able to see anything as we drove. As you can imagine my first day in Gambia was like a blur since its been so long since I got to see my fiance so why don't we skip to day 2. 

Day 2 was all about relaxing at the beach. We spent about 90% of our time at my fiances favorite beach restaurant called Sunbird Restaurant This place is absolutely lovely to relax and enjoy the ocean breeze on a hot summer day. The food is very good and you cannot beat the view.  I suggest bringing a portable speaker and relax as the Atlantic ocean wash away all thoughts in your mind. I swear I never wanted to leave this beach area. 

Day 3 and 4 We spent most of our time looking at locations for the wedding. Gambia has the most beautiful seaside hotels and I can't wait to reveal the one we chose for our wedding in a later post.

Well we had to eat after all that looking and so we ate at Reos! This place has it all food, music, big screen television and a bar just to list a few. I can't tell you how many times we ate here and it is a reason for that.

Day 5 and 6 was more about meeting family and friends. I have a very large family I'm marring into so just to meet a few was an exciting time for me.

Pretty much the remainder of my time in Gambia was sightseeing, beach and time with my fiance. I have posted a few of the hundreds of pictures that was taken during that time.

It got done to the last 2 days of my time in West Africa so we did a road trip back to Senegal to catch my flight in Dakar. We were able to do some touristy stuff while there and below I have posted pictures. 

African Renaissance Monument Is a must see in your lifetime!

Le lagon is hands down one of the best seafood restaurants my fiance and I have ever been to and I travel a lot to that says so much about this place!

I'm going to concluded this blog post with my 2 weeks in West Africa and do a separate one on my other 3 stops at a later time. I can honestly say my life has changed so much with my first trip to Africa. I felt the moment I landed  I was truly home in a place my soul longed for but I didn't know I needed. The culture, people and scenery are embedded in my very existence and i'm so blessed that I will be able to call West Africa my second soon. 
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