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I remember reading a book so eloquently describing the Middle East and I knew one day I would journey there. I didn't think in a million years it would be with a group of almost 200 but I made it there! Dubai is a contradiction of many sorts. It's old and new, rich and poor and conservative and modern all wrapped in a beautiful package. You will walk the streets of the business district in awe of the massive glass structures that light of the skyline and then you will go to the Souk area where the tradition building stand rustic and worn. I can tell you I fell in love with both. I love the new with its smell of progression and growth but the old part of Dubai felt like a warm cup of soup on a very cold winters night....comforting. I know I will be visiting Dubai again very soon and I look forward to digging deep in the culture side of Dubai. 

Standing on top of the world Burj Khalifa

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