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I can honestly say I'm addicted to African food. I mean I eat it 3 to 4 times a week. It may be its similarity to the cajun/ creole food I grew up with from my grandparents being from Louisiana or it can just be a genetic pull to African food. Whatever the case may be it was love at first bite. My taste buds demand the spiced filled dishes that I have the pleasure of eating often. I can tell you I'm not married to on particular region of Africa either. I can that my culinary journey from the Northern parts of Africa all the way to South Africa and every region in between. I will write a series of blog post as I eat my way through my cities unique African communities and will also write about my culinary experience as I travel to Africa starting this year.

Since I have a wonderful network of friends that are from various countries in Africa finding African food is not hard for me at all. So lets start with my favorite places I frequent very often.

Lucy's Ethiopian Restaurant and Lounge

I discovered Lucy's Ethiopian Restaurant and Lounge a few years a go with a friend that is of Ethiopian and Somalian decent. I have not stop going ever since and by the large number of people I see when I patronize this lovely establishment I'm not the only one that feels this way. Lucy's boasts very high reviews along with being featured in The Houstonia Magazines 50 best restaurants in Houston list. It is a great place to lounge, eat and enjoy family and friends. I always order the honey wine,sambusa and hummus for an appetizer. At Lucy's you can be a vegetarian or carnivore and we wall will receive food full of flavor and soul. On the weekends they offer Live music so it is a great date spot. They also offer Hookah so you can lounge and drink in a relaxed atmosphere. Lucy's is a must stop place when in the Southwest Houston area.

Trinity African Bar and Grill

My first time I went to Trinity was on a date and I can say that was one of the best restaurant picks a date has chosen in a while! I have this secret addiction to Jollof rice and I'm not seeking any help. I think I can eat it at any meal and Trinity has some of the best I have tasted. The restaurant has a full bar with an atmosphere that you would want to come back for lunch and dinner. I have eaten many dishes here but my favorite is the grilled fish. The fish is always cooked to perfection and the portion is family size. The Jollof rice and goat meat is my second choice when I go there as well. If you want to enjoy a great dinner with family, friends or just go to lunch with your coworkers Trinity is your spot!

Chez Michelle House of Fish

This small hidden restaurant has some of the best food I have tasted period! I have seriously gotten in my car and driven 30 miles to go get some food just to go back home! The food is that good! I'm not the only one who thinks so because this local eatery is always busy and I just got word that they are moving to a larger location on Hwy 6. My favorite is the grilled fish and plantains. It is so good words can't describe. If  i'm in a mood for soup I have the pepper soup with fish. I haven't had a chance to order much more because i'm always craving these 2 dishes. I plan on fighting the urge to order them on my next visit and try something new. Chez Michelle is A MUST visit spot! I promise you will not leave unhappy.

I will be posting more African based restaurants as I discover new places. If you have a favorite please share with me because I can not have enough African food options. 

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