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I'm always posting about my travels and never highlight all the amazing places in my own backyard. So I decided when I'm not traveling I would take the time to let everyone know about all the amazing things to do in my home city of Houston, Texas. I love my city and you may think I'm a little bias since I'm born and raised here and that may be true however you would fall in love with this city as well if you ever visited. I currently live in the suburbs(not for to much longer) but i play in the city. I prefer an area in our city called "The Inner Loop" which means inside of the 610 loop express way. The inner loop is full of culture, energy,  arts, uniqueness, food and more. In a series of posts I will be highlighting my favorite spots in the loop.

My birthday breakfast at Snooze
Vintage Black Jacket - Found at a resale shop NYC
Dress - Xhilaration by Target
Boots - UGG
I was introduced to Snooze by my good friend Phillip (in the above picture) for my birthday breakfast/meeting. The food was absolutely delicious. The service amazing as well. My birthday just so happened to fall on Fat Tuesday this year so I ordered the Mardi Gras pancakes and ended up getting the lucky one! I won a gift certificate and a t-shirt! I think that was a great start to my birthday!

Mardi Gras pancakes were delicious 

Graffiti walls speak to me

My niece and I exploring the city together

 One of my favorite finds is Cafeza on Houston Ave. I love the atmosphere, the food and especially the coffee. It has a laid back artsy vibe with outdoor seating so you can enjoy a glass of wine with the backdrop of Houston's historic beauty.

I love the eclectic decor of Cafeza

 Right next door is one of my favorite spots for the past year or so Cafe Brussels. This lovely gem boasts some of the best authentic Belgium food in the city. My favorite is Moules Marinieres (mussels steamed with white wine) and Bouche de Poisson (Puff pastry filled with seafood in a cream sauce). Every time I dine here may it be for brunch or dinner it takes me back to the time I spent in Paris. This is a must go place to eat!

Dress - Eloquii
Suede Booty - Michael Kors
Handbag - Louis Vuitton
Sunglasses - Dita

We are excited to have our birthday dinner at this amazing restaurant.

Cafe Brussels

Mussels steamed in white wine

 We ended our day with a treat! Le Crepe Suzette Flambee au Grand Marnier. I can tell you I'm not a big sweets fan but when it comes to crepes I cannot resist. I took one bite and I was transported to Europe!

 The thing I most love about being in the loop is the amount of resale shops you can find on any given corner. I can never resist a deal!

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Nicole Hagans
Vintage shopping at its best

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