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In May my friend Miranda decided she did not want to be a passport virgin anymore so on November 6th, 2016 we flew to Belize. Belize has always been on my list so when I gave my friend a $550 budget for this trip she worked hard to find the plane tickets that would fit in my 2 day budget. Well Southwest Airlines hit the mark! They had a special running in May for Belize and it just so happens I had enough miles to cover a round trip ticket. So with 11,376 miles i got a round trip ticket to Belize. Taxes on my ticket was $61.31 and I added early bird check for $30 (in which I highly recommend) for a total of $91.31 for a round trip ticket. 

Arriving at Hobby Airport
Belize is a very short flight from Houston just 2 hours so it is a great long weekend destination.

Miranda ready for her adventure

Representing the dopest travel club The Black Travel Movement

We arrived in Belize just in time for an early dinner. I stayed at a 3 star hotel because for one I would not be in the hotel but for sleeping and in my experience it makes no since to spend extra for a place that you will not get to enjoy. The hotel I chose was Ramada Princess Hotel and Casino in Belize City for $150 per person for the 2 days. It is an older hotel but it is centrally located and sits by the water. Upon my arrival I met Kareem Staine at the taxi stand. He is the owner of Ramada Belize City Taxi Association. He asked me what I wanted and he delivered on everything from food to excursions. He is my preferred contact in Belize. 

Me and Kareem Staine 

Dinner at the very popular Celebrity Restaurant

morning walk by the sea

The hotel offers free breakfast and it works out if you have an early start in the morning. 

Day 2 we selected a full day of activities. We started with a fun ATV ride then a hike to a cave to go tubbing and the zip lining.It was so much fun! I can tell you we were big kids that day playing in the mud, floating in the river and flying high above the treetops. We used Butts Up Cave Tubing which was $125 per person for the whole day plus lunch was included. 

My adventure on an ATV

Friends that do crazy stuff together are friends for life!

Floating down the river

Best tour guides ever with Butts Up!

I love street food

Dinner at Riverside Tavern

Breakfast at Nerie's Restaurant is a must!!!

On the day we were leaving Kareem suggested we take an hour drive to see Altun Ha. Its a mayan ruin site and I'm so glad I went. It was absolutely beautiful!!!. 

In awe of the beauty of this ruin

A quick lunch before our dash to the airport

I have learned in my many travels it ok to focus just on a few things instead of trying to do them all. It allows you the option of returning at a later date. On this trip I had only planned for a full day of activities with a couple of local meals. After meeting a local that highly recommended going to see a ruin I had a bonus on my agenda for just $75 for roundtrip and park entrance. So lets do my trip breakdown.
Flights - $91.31
Hotel  - $150 total
Excursions - $200 total
Taxi rides in the city - $25
Meals -  $60 with tips
Gifts - $50
for a total of $556.31

I went over my budget by $1.31 lol but it was so worth it. My advice to anyone that want to do a quick getaway on a tight budget is research until you find what fits in your budget. Their are so many travel apps or just sign up for alerts from your favorite airline. Traveling is way less than what we are told and if you plan your trips out in advance you will be surprised how far a tiny budget can take you! Happy travels all!

Nicole Hagans 

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