Dubai Pt2 again

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Since I accidentally deleted my last Dubai post I thought this time I would write it even better and add more pics. So here it goes.....

They say you instantly know when you are falling in love. Your heart races and you can't get that someone out of your mind no matter how hard you try. Well that is Dubai for me! I fell in love at first sight. Now don't get me wrong London is my one true love so Dubai is my new handsome crush.

A walk on the beach at my resort Habtoor Grand Beach Resort and Spa Autograph Collection

On my previous post I mostly talked about my day at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque which I highly recommend visiting. On this post I will talk about the other adventures I had on my trip starting with the desert safari. When I tell you you will fell like the biggest kid in the largest sandbox you could imagine. The sand felt hot and silky between my feet. We jumped and played like adult children in this vast desert. I could see sand as far as my eyes could see. 
Running in the Dubai desert like a big kid!

My best friend and I watching the majestic sunset 

Words can't express how joyful I feel to mark this off my bucket list

We wrapped up our day in the desert with a traditional dinner, henna tattoos, camel rides and oh yeah Dune busting!
Getting my Henna tattoo

Friends that travel together forge an unbreakable bond

Dune Busting in the desert

I made great new friendships on this trip

Now its time for some shopping and sightseeing. I absolutely loved the Dubai Souk Markets so much I went 3 times! Seriously the shopping is amazing there. If anybody knows me well they know I love open air markets with local vendors. The haggling for the best price is so exiting to me. I love the fact my money is going directly to a family so I gravitate to open air markets where ever I travel and not to mention you will always find a one of a kind item that you will never find at home.
Shopping in the heart of the Souks 
My friend Linda and I in full shopping mode

Keysha and Linda my traveling squad

One of the #1 places I wanted to visit was Burj Khalifa. I watched so many shows about the construction of this amazing building so to finally be able to see it was another check off "my must see" list. Its located in the The Dubai Mall which is the largest mall in the world.

When your on top of the tallest building in the world a plan pose just won't do
one word for this shot.. Stunning

As my week in Dubai started to wind down I wanted to try something extremely out of the ordinary in this desert oasis so Skiing came in my mind. Yes Skiing in the desert! Ski Dubai is located in the Mall of Emirates. This winter wonderland is a perfect way to spend your evening like my friends and I did. From skiing the man made slopes to bobsledding you can't help but have fun.
Desert snow bunny
Friends since 3rd grade 

When ever I travel I try to end my last day at the spa. It just seems to relax me for the reality check of getting back to normal in the real world. I received a relaxing facial and massage that put me to sleep! I was ready to take the 15 hour flight back home the next morning. 

I'n closing I have learned on my many travels I bring something back with me that a book could never teach me. The one thing is experience. To immerse yourself in a different culture will not only grow your mind it softens your heart. It also allows you to experience first hand the life style of different people so that you can be culturally educated. In your next adventure ask someone about their culture and learn about  it then share your knowledge.  This will be the most important souvenir you bring home to give your friends and family. Trust me! I will leave you with my all time favorite quote.  

"To live is to travel and to travel is to live"
Nicole Hagans

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