My Trip to Dubai pt1

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When I sat down to write my blog about my trip to Dubai I instantly realized I could not post this trip in one post! So here is part one of my life changing trip to the Middle East.

As I settled in my seat for the 15 hour flight to Dubai I started to get goosebumps. Not because of fear but because of accomplishment. I have dreamed of going to he middle east since I read the book Aladdin many years ago and the fact at 46 I'm on my way to this magical land of the far east. I met a fellow traveler that was in my tour group BTM and her name just so happened to be Nicole so you know I took that as an excellent sign that this trip will be epic.We were booked on Air Emirates and I must say the customer service was amazing.

My new friend Nicole and I getting ready for our 15 hour flight to Dubai

After a million years it felt like on the plane we finally arrived at our destination Dubai! We were transported to our hotel by coach busses provided by our tour group. Upon arrival to the beautiful Habtoor Grand Beach Resort and Spa Autograph Collection we were meet with superb customer service as the staff navigated checking in 180 of our tour group. I was very impressed on how efficiently and fast they got us checked in with only a few hiccups. With a group the size of ours I would say the passed the test with an excellent rating!

My friends and I are enjoying our check in process at the hotel a little to much. Behind us is the mastermind behind our
trip Reggie Cummings of Black Travel Movement

The decor of the hotel was very beautiful and It was quite tranquil. I snapped pictures constantly as we walked to corridor pathways to our room.
The decor of the hotel is stunning on our way to our room

The view when you exit the elevator on the way to our room.

The next morning was an early start since we were traveling to Abu Dhabi to tour the amazing Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and it would take about an 1 hour and 45 min to get there. I decided to take a moment and enjoy the view of the marina. The warm salty air enveloped me like a comfortable blanket on a cold winters day. I was falling in love with Dubai.
I'm admiring the amazingly beautiful view from our balcony.

I planned ahead of time for my attire to the mosque. I knew I wanted to dress in rich vibrant colors with the backdrop being this stunning white marble mosque. Please be respectful of the culture when visiting other countries. It is very disrespectful for you to inter a holy place not dressed in appropriate attire required for that religion or culture. Be a conscience traveler and see the world.
The majestic beauty of this mosque is more than words can describe.

The beauty of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque words can't describe its beauty. It is place you must go to experience in your lifetime.

The view of the inside of the mosque is indescribable. The intricate details from the hand made carpet, stain glass windows, precious stones inlayed in the walls displayed in a floral patterns and the crystals in the chandeliers are just a few of the details that I can name.

"Friends that travel together grow knowledgable together"

Just stunning

The gold leaf on the marble columns as I walked through the corridor is amazing.

The details of this mosque can only be understood with the sight of your own eyes. Incredible!

A walk in spiritual beauty
As I conclude the first installment of my blog about my trip to Dubai I want to encourage people to travel more. Only 46% of Americans have a passport!!!! We have to better in opening our mind to the world for better understanding of cultures and to debunk ignorant stereotypes. A passport is a key to the world and an education that no book can give you. I challenge everyone to step pass the artificial boarders and experience something new at least once a year. Until next time remember To live is to travel and to travel is to live. 
Nicole Hagans

You can read my reviews on all the places I visited on TripAdvisor Travelingstylist46

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